Ghana Consulate New Zealand
Ghana Consulate of New Zealand


Location and Office Hours

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 Level 1, Unit 13, 101-111 Diana Drive. Glenfield, Auckland

 Telephone:  +64 9 4449966 ext. 5
 Officer:  Mr Anthony Laity
 Post:  Consul-General
 Visa Officer  Mr Prakash Kolte
 Opening Hours:

 10.00am to 1.00pm (Wednesday & Friday)

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   * Please contact Canberra Australian office for Visas during holidays


The Ghana Consulate General is the consular representative of the Ghana Government in Auckland with jurisdiction in New Zealand. The mission aims to provide various governmental and consular services to Ghanaians in New Zealand as well as advancing Ghana's identity in New Zealand.

Our Core services include promoting Ghana's international trade objectives, encouraging New Zealand Investors into Ghana and developing strategic partnerships between the New Zealand and Ghanaian governments. Additionally, the Consulate General processes visa applications for persons wishing to visit or do business in Ghana.